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  Wednesday, March 21, 2018 
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Technology Innovation

This is the Members Only area with Premium Online Training for your team focused on Technology Innovation. For information on joining the Technology Marketing Institute, please visit the Join page.

Online Training Module
Lessons Learned in Running Three Corporate Innovation Programs

Join John Parkinson and Alex Jarett, as John shares his Innovation experiences in 35 years in technology and running 3 different Corporate Innovation Centers.

For those of you who don't know John, he is both published author and columnist (CIO Magazine, WSJ, as examples) and seasonsed CIO, COO and CEO.  He was the head of Innovation at Ernst and Young, CIO, COO at Healthcare Informatics, CTO of Capgemini, just to name a few.

In John's presentation he'll share:

* His Innovation Journey and lessons learned along the way
* The Myths of Innovation
* What Being Innovative Really means
* How to Choose the right Innovative project
* The Myth of Disruptive Innovation
* and more!

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    John Parkinson, Enterprise Project Management Office SVP, Axis Capital John Parkinson, Founder, Partner & Managing Director at ParkWood Advisors LLC., provides business and technology strategy consulting services to large businesses and working with private equity investors to identify and value opportunities in the emerging technology, alternative energy, communications, additive manufacturing & digital media sectors.

    A successful senior executive leader and general manager with international experience in business & technology management, John has extensive experience with the use of information and related technologies and over 20 years’ experience in business operations, technology strategy and portfolio management. A published author and columnist, he was a board member from 2001 to 2007 for the private holding company that provided telecommunications services on the island of Guam. He has been an external director at Visible Spectrum Inc. since the company’s founding in 2002 and currently also serves as an advisory board member for Morningstar Inc. in Chicago and a board member for US Micro Inc. in Atlanta.He is also a founding partner of Group Markets LLC.

    In 2003, he was named by Global Consulting News as one of the world’s 25 most influential consultants. In January 2005 he was named as one of the Computerworld 100 Leaders in IT.

Fostering Innovation - IT Driven Innovation Deployment for Profitable Growth

In this keynote address, Innovation Expert Praveen Gupta shares research that shows IT leadership must play a critical role in institutionalizing innovation. Not only will this allow innovation information, technology and skills to be deployed organization-wide, but IT departments will become value-driven contributors to corporate performance.

Praveen will introduce his Breakthrough (Brinnovation™) framework, its components and measures of innovation for improving return on innovation. The Brinnovation™ framework offers a manageable process of innovation, accelerates innovations, and makes the innovation process more predictable, pervasive and profitable.

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View webcast

    Innovation Expert Praveen Gupta

    Innovation Expert Praveen Gupta

    Praveen has taught Business Innovation at Illinois Institute of Technology for eight semesters. His course is a breakthrough solution in teaching innovation to people around the world, and his methods of innovation and teaching curriculum are used in multiple universities, Junior colleges, organizations and corporations. Praveen is the author of Business Innovation in the 21st Century and The Innovation Solution. He also is President of Accelper Consulting, an operations management consulting firm that helps clients improve top and bottom line using Business Scorecard, Six Sigma, Breakthrough Innovation, and Process Management.



Our Journey From Ideas to Innovation

In this exclusive presentation, you will explore strategies for building and strengthening internal, external and virtual teams. Learn how to

  • Proactively use communication and technology to build trust -- the cornerstone of any successful team -- despite differences and distance
  • Maximize process gains and minimize losses through continuous training and team-developed mission statements, core values, objectives and group identity
  • And More

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    Brian E. Hoff, Director of Emerging Technology, Exelon Corporation

    Brian E. Hoff, Director of Emerging Technology, Exelon Corporation

    His team's mission is to solve high value business challenges with the use of emerging technology that is scalable across the enterprise.

    Hoff joined Exelon in 1994, and has held a variety of roles within the company. In his first few years he worked at Quad Cities Generating Station in Engineering serving as a Design Change Coordinator and then into Nuclear Oversight performing Root Cause Evaluations.

    He then transitioned into the Information Technology (IT) Department as a Client Support Analyst, supporting all of the IT Applications in use within a Nuclear Generating Station. Years later, he relocated to the Chicago-land area as a Lead Client Support Analyst performing Executive Support and coordinating Nuclear Fleet Wide Programs. This set the stage for numerous management level positions, supporting all of Exelon’s Business Units. These positions included: Desktop & Messaging Engineering Manager; Network Engineering Manager; Operational Security Manager; and Network & Security Architect. He served as the Director of IT Strategy, where he set the IT Strategic Technology Direction, reporting directly to the CIIO and working directly with all of the various IT VPs.

Keynote Case Study Presentation:
The Innovation Mindset at The Nielsen Company

Companies large and small face rapidly shifting marketplaces and consumer desires.  The best of them are able to identify and adjust appropriately, often by Innovating regularly as a means to stay ahead.  Join Patrick Holly as he shares hisexperiences fostering and leading an Innovation practice at The Nielsen Company, and how they help prepare their employer for the future by regularly experimenting on that future before it arrives.

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    Patrick Holly,Technology Director at The Nielsen Company

    Patrick Holly, Technology Director and Innovation Lead at The Nielsen Company , a leading global information and measurement company that provides insights and data about what people watch, listen to and buy.  He has been a Software & Data Warehouse implementation Program Director, a Software & Data Warehouse requirements and design analyst, and Client Relationship Owner / Manager throughout his 16+ year career in the Technology space.  Patrick is married with two children, ages 10 and 6, and enjoys playing golf and fantasy sports (baseball and football).  He is also a fan of science fiction and resides in Bartlett, IL.    

Keynote Panel: Using Customer Centric Innovation to Drive Growth

Join a top panel of IT Executives as we discuss the strategies to foster innovation to drive growth.

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    Tim Walter, CIO, XSport Fitness joined XSport Fitness as CIO in October,2013.  Responsible for day-to-day planning, development, and delivery of both internal and external client technology.  He is also responsible for the company's digital marketing and strategy.

    Brent Laufenberg, VP of Innovation, Rise Interactive

    Brent is a technologist with an astute business sense; living at the crossroads of product development and technology.  He is known for creating pragmatic technology solutions and embracing an agile, tech-forward culture.  Currently, Brent is Vice President of Innovation at Rise Interactive, responsible for leading the digital marketing firm's overall product and technology platform discovery, development, and delivery to clients and employees.

    Jeremy Burek, Director Enabling Applications,  Kellogg Company

    Jeremy Burek, Director IT Enabling Applications for Kellogg Company, has almost 20 years of IT and Supply Chain Management experience. During his career Jeremy has held positions in IT Management, Procurement, Production Planning, Account Services, IT Operations, Consulting, Project and Program Management and Product Management. Jeremy has spent the last 6 years as a Director of IT Applications For Kellogg Company covering the functional areas of Manufacturing, Procurement, Finance and HR applications. He is managing a team of direct and indirect resources, local and offshore, responsible for the Global development, enhancement and sustainment of SAP and other supporting applications.

    Brian Clark, VP, IT Operations Restaurant.com

    Brian is a husband, father, leader, manager and mentor. He has over 18 years of experience in information technology infrastructure, operations and management. He is currently the Vice President, IT Operations at Restaurant.com, a leading e-commerce retailer in the “consumer deals” space.

    Jim Vaselopulos, Vice President and Partner at PSC Group Moderator: Jim Vaselopulos, Vice President and Partner at PSC Group, is a seasoned business executive with domain expertise in Financial Services, Marketing, Manufacturing and Service Industries. Jim works closely with many firms to help align business needs and technology for competitive advantage. His many roles include Vice President and Partner at PSC Group, LLC, Interim CIO at several organizations and strategic business consultant to many others. 

An Architectural Approach to Innovation

Many leading IT analysts talk about the rise of the digital enterprise, while others tout the certainty of disruptive innovation. Unfortunately the guidance on these topics from the analyst and thought leaders is sweeping, vague and less than actionable for most organizations. Meanwhile, IT practitioners have begun to use a blueprint for creating an innovation ready, digital enterprise. We will explore this blueprint as it rises from the IT trenches and brings fresh life to a tried and true service-based architectural pattern. Additionally, we will demonstrate how this blueprint can help us to sort out the challenges of using the appropriate development approach (Agile, Incremental or Waterfall) for important IT projects. During this presentation, NVISIA will share their insights and stories from thier front-row seat where they help to move some of the Midwest's biggest and brightest corporations toward their goal of an innovation ready, digital enterprise. Finally, NVISIA will discuss some tactics for getting started.

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    Shaun Lovick, President at NVISIA

    Shaun Lovick, President at NVISIA

    Shaun is a technology executive who stays connected with NVISIA's mentoring practitioners as they turn our clients' good ideas into great software platforms. Shaun's deep experience in bringing leading edge technology to NVISIA's software development customers gives him practical insight into the adoption trends of software related technology and processes. Shaun started with NVISIA nearly 20 years ago and has worked his way through the ranks to become the company's President. Over the years he worked as a software developer, software architect, project manager and for the last 5 years has provided executive leadership to many clients with their adoption strategy for innovative technologies. In addition to his technology experience, Shaun has significant industry experience in the financial, healthcare and healthcare insurance business sectors.


    Mark Panthofer

    Mark Panthofer, Executive Director at NVISIA

    Mark is a technology leader with 20 years of experience as an IT Executive and software development leader. As an Executive Director at NVISIA, he works closely with the executive team to package NVISIA's 23 years of experience into service offerings for clients who need help in getting their innovative software ideas execution-ready. Mark's hands-on technical experience and his background in software engineering allow him to understand the balance between craftsmanship and engineering that is required to transform good ideas into great software platforms. Mark is also a frequent contributor to TMCNet where he has published several articles including a recent TMCNet feature, "An Architectural Approach to Disruptive Innovation".

Keynote Presentation:
Architecting the Shift to the Digital Enterprise

The shift to the digital enterprise is a game changer.  The impact to the business is unlike any other technological revolution experienced to date. Citing industry research and Avaya’s own digital transformation experience, Brett Shockley, Avaya’s SVP and CTO, cuts through the complexity of the digital shift to reveal real world considerations for architecting a digital enterprise.

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    Brett Shcokley, Sr. VP and CTO, Avaya

    Brett Shockley, Sr. VP and CTO, Avaya

    Brett Shockley is Senior Vice President & Chief Technology Officer of Avaya, a global provider of business collaboration and communications solutions. Brett is an industry veteran with over 25 years of thought leadership in the telecommunications and contact center markets at Avaya, Cisco and Spanlink Communications. Previously, Brett Shockley served as Senior Vice President & General Manager of Avaya Applications and Emerging Technologies, with responsibility for Avaya's Contact Center and Unified Communications applications portfolios and Avaya's emerging technologies including Avaya Labs Research and Avaya's emerging cloud initiatives.

Applied Innovation: Using Analytics to Optimize IT as a Business Speaker

How do you improve customer satisfaction? How do you lower operation costs? How do you increase value? You run IT as a manufacturing plant focusing on lean six sigma principles to optimize the value to the business. Hear use case examples regarding user segmentation and personas to improve customer satisfaction, resolution optimization to reduce operational cost, and proactive analytics to self- resolve potential outages thereby increasing productivity and delivering value to the business.

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    Dan Huberty, CTO, Enterprise Services, Unisys

    Dan Huberty, CTO, Enterprise Services, Unisys

    Dan Huberty is the CTO and VP Solutions Portfolio Management at Unisys.   In his role with Unisys he crafts the overall Enterprise Services portfolio strategy and client solutions.  Mr. Huberty is ITIL v3 certified as well as a Six Sigma Black belt and is an industry expert in the areas of service management and IT operations. Previously he was the Director, Enterprise Strategy and Planning, Office of the CIO for the Carlson companies. Mr. Huberty is a graduate of St. Mary's University of Minnesota.



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