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Friday, July 20, 2018 
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Professional Development

This is the Members Only area with Premium Online Training for your team focused on Professional Development. For information on joining the Technology Marketing Institute, please visit the Join page.

Online Training Modules

How IT Leaders Can Move into Business Leadership Roles
Eric Dirst will share two different, but often complementary, approaches to leveraging your IT leadership skills to eventually take on business leadership roles within your company. Eric will cover tactics and strategies to position yourself for senior operational roles, such as COO or VP Shared Services, as well as tactics and strategies to position yourself to lead Innovation and Growth areas of the business by investing in R&D to find new ways to integrate IT into your company’s products and services. Eric himself employed these tactics when he was SVP & CIO at DeVry Education Group, to eventually become President of one of the divisions running all shared operations as well enterprise R&D.

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Eric Dirst,  President Online Services, DeVry Education Group

Dirst was appointed President of DeVry Online Services in 2013. The online organization supports all of DeVry Group's institutions and is one of the largest online operations in the U.S. He is also co-chairman of enterprise operational excellence with the Chief Accounting Officer, and the senior leadership sponsor for the educational technology Research & Development efforts.

Dirst, who joined DeVry Group in 2008 as VP and CIO, brings 28 years of experience within the information technology field. During Dirst's tenure as CIO, DeVry Group was named an InformationWeek Top 500 for IT Innovation (2009-2013) and earned the Top 100 in 2011. In addition, International Data Group's Computerworld recognized DeVry Group as one of the 100 Best Places to Work in Information Technology in 2013.

Dirst joined DeVry Group from SIRVA Inc., a global provider of relocation and moving services for consumers, corporations and governments. SIRVA's brands include Allied International, Allied Van Lines, North American Van Lines, and SIRVA Relocation. While at SIRVA, Dirst served most recently as Vice President and CIO.

Technology Leadership & Management Strategies

The key to driving growth is effective leadership and management strategies. For CIO's, Chief Innovation Officers AND their key leadership team members.

The panel covered a variety of topics including:

  • How IT Leaders Can Move into Business Leadership Roles
  • Transformational Leadership 
  • Raising your corporate influence
  • Key Management Strategies as a business leader
  • Working with the business and the board

Gustav Toppenberg,Ph.D Senior Director - IT | Global Head of Enterprise Architecture & Service Management Aon Gustav Toppenberg,Ph.D, Senior Director - IT & Global Head of Enterprise Architecture & Service Management Aon

Gustav Toppenberg (PhD) joined Aon Plc in 2016 as a Senior Director of IT and is responsible for the transformation to an ‘architecturally-driven and services-led’ IT organization as Global Head of Enterprise Architecture & Service Management.

Eric Dirst, President Online Services, DeVry Education Group

Eric Dirst,  President Online Services, DeVry Education Group

Dirst was appointed President of DeVry Online Services in 2013. The online organization supports all of DeVry Group's institutions and is one of the largest online operations in the U.S.

Crystal Broj, Chief Technology & Innovation Officer, American Association of Diabetes Educators Crystal Broj, Chief Technology & Innovation Officer, American Association of Diabetes Educators

Crystal joined AADE in 2016 just as the association was looking to expand and leverage technology and the connected health environment as a means to engage and support all stakeholders

Jim Vaselopulos, Vice President and Partner at PSC GroupJim Vaselopulos, Sr Vice President, PSC Group/Technology Executives Club Advisory Board Member

Jim is a seasoned business executive. His many roles include Sr. Vice President at PSC Group, LLC, Interim CIO at several organizations and strategic business consultant to many others.

Leadership Derailment: Do You Know Your Risks?

Have you ever wondered why incredibly talented individuals so often fail to realize their full career potential? What are the things that hold them back?

This session will explore the research on career derailment, including a discussion of the top reasons that careers swerve of course. We will also use a simple exercise to help each participant identify their own, unique risks.

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Jeffrey J. Anderson ,President & Chief Executive Officer, Lake Forest Graduate School of Management
Jeffrey J. Anderson is the 5th President and CEO of the Lake Forest Graduate School of Management (LFGSM). As President and CEO, Mr. Anderson utilizes his extensive business and academic experience to manage the School’s operations and lead its developmental outlook.

Prior to joining the School in October 2014, Mr. Anderson served as an Associate Dean for Leadership Development at the University of Chicago’s Booth School of Business. At Booth, Anderson harnessed his business experience to bring a practical, proven perspective to the leadership development curriculum.

Building Social Credibility

What you will learn from this Webinar

  • What is Social Credibility and Why it's Important to You
  • Personal & Business Risks of Not Using/Using Social Media
  • Your Mindset Determines Your Position on Hierarchy of Social Credibility
  • How to Efficiently Build Social Credibility


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Mr. Peters is Founder and CEO of the  Standard of Trust Group  (SOTG)


Rob Peters is a recognized thought leader on the topics of social credibility, social selling, relationship capital standards, and organizational effectiveness. 

Author of the of the 2014 Book:  "Standard of Trust Leadership: Transforming Business Cultures Through Purpose,Performance, and Relationship Capital"

Rob is also an active  Linkedin Publisher

SOTG has also developed an end-to-end cloud prototype for capturing, analyzing, and utilizing Relationship Capital (RCaaS) that is earned by your employees, partners, and key stakeholders. 

Current Business Challenges:

    • Loss of clients/customers or sales""
    • Low levels of engagement with employees""
    • Low levels of innovation""
    • Lack of long-term competitive advantage"

Rob's business experience resulted in a passion: enabling business leaders and their companies to build and maintain high performing cultures of purpose, mastery, and earned relationship capital.

Mr. Peters is an active volunteer for Little Brothers Friends of the Elderly.


How to Network Like a Pro

Effective networking is one of the most valuable business skills a professional can possess. It has been proven time after time that people buy from people they trust and hire people they like and believe in. That's why so many successful professionals are good at networking. They find the best opportunities for sales and jobs this way.

So, why are so many people frustrated and feeling as if they are going through the motions without getting the results? The answer, of course, is that they are just going through the motions without a strategy or plan for maximizing their outcomes. Whether you network to grow a business or land a job, your time is valuable. Improve the ROI on the time you invest in networking. Learn how to create your networking strategy and execute in an effective manner to achieve real results.

In this session, David Ritter will cover:

  • the wide variety of networking options
  • benefits of various options
  • finding your opportunities
  • designing your strategy and plan
  • executing effectively for results.
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    Dave Ritter, CEO & Co-Founder at NetworkedChicago, LLC
    Dave Ritter, CEO & Co-Founder at NetworkedChicago, LLC

    Leveraging his experience in technology leadership, accelerating business growth, and connecting people, DAVID RITTER, CEO and Co-Founder of NetworkedChicago, LLC, helps professionals and businesses to succeed.He connects entrepreneurs, business owners, and corporate professionals with the business development, business partnership, and career development opportunities they need to achieve the success they are looking for.

    People in business today know how important professional networking is. But, having many contacts in a database is of little value without building real relationships, which requires meeting in-person. NetworkedChicago, LLC provides a portal ( to make it easier for professionals to find the networking opportunities that meet their needs.

    During many years of success as a transformational leader in business technology in corporate settings, Dave facilitated the growth of top line and bottom line business results through strategic investments and sound management. Before starting NetworkedChicago, Dave was a CIO (Chief Information Officer) for 15 years in the BPO and financial industries. Prior to that, he held a variety of business technology leadership roles.

    Dave holds a BS with double majors in Finance and Computer Science from Northern Illinois University and an MBA from Northwestern University.



JChad Coe has developed important ideas about leadership based on his own experiences after 10,000 personal meetings with people from all walks of life. From these encounters, Chad has collected his 7 Secrets to Unlimited Confidence. Chad passionately shares these secrets in a way that inspires the members of his audience to embrace and apply them.

In this dynamic presentation, you’ll learn:

  • Set achievable goals—and then commit to achieve them
  • Develop new, more productive mindset
  • Learn the best ways to get REAL help Incorporate their own personal values into their jobs
  • Become 100% more productive in every area of their lives
  • Develop the game changing power of confidence and passion
  • Change their beliefs and change their futures Bring more abundance and satisfaction into their lives

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    Steve Fretzin Author of Sales-Free Selling
    Chad Coe, Mastermind Advisory Board

    Chad Coe is dedicated to helping others to more effectively pursue their personal, professional and financial goals. He is the founder, principal and CEO of a leading wealth management firm managing over $100 million dollars in assets and grossing over $1,000,000 a year. Chad is also the recipient of the
    2008 Outstanding Advisor Award from Registered Rep Magazine. He is the author of “The Power of
    Peopletizing”. As someone very involved in the community, Chad is the founder of the Special Kids Network, which has raised over $1,500,000 for children with special needs. He also heads several networking groups that reach and impact hundreds of people each month. In addition, he is on the
    Board of Trustees of Keshet and Rainbow.



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