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  Wednesday, March 21, 2018 
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Project Management for Innovative Leaders

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Online Training Module

Transforming a PMO

As a newly consolidated organization, the technology PMO established key objectives to transform the organization. Linda Honour, the PMO Officer Lead will share the story, successes and lessons learned in an overview of this PMO transformation.

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    Linda Honour PMO Officer Lead Allstate Technology & Strategic Ventures Program Management OfficeLinda Honour PMO Officer Lead Allstate Technology & Strategic Ventures Program Management Office

    Linda Honour is the PMO Lead for the Program Management Office of Allstate Technology & Strategic Ventures (ATSV). ATSV provides technology support to Allstate’s business units with the PMO accountable for ensuring delivery of over $350 million of discretionary project investments and for establishing consistent delivery practices across the firm. As the lead of the newly created PMO, Linda drove the transformation that increased the efficiency and effectiveness of the organization. These efforts brought industry recognition from Celent (Best IT Management Model Insurer), Association of Project Management (Runner-Up Company of the Year), PMI Magazine, Insurance Networking News and Gartner.

Strategic PMO Best Practices Keynote Panel

Leading PMOs are shifting from pure project management to better strategic alignment and leadership with the business.  In this event we'll explore the shift from general to Strategic PMO, how area companies have made the shift, and the pros and cons of running a PMO as a Strategic PMO.

Whether you have a PMO office or you are fulfilling the function of a PMO as part of your other responsibilities you'll want to learn from the best.

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  • Panelists

    Brendan Turner, Director Digital Production, Abelson Taylor

    Mike Cozzi, IT PMO Director Havi Global Solutions

    Mike Cozzi, IT PMO Director Havi Global Solutions

    Ram Narain – Vice President PMO, M&A Integrations, Anixter

    Drew Faries, Director, Management Consulting, McGladrey LLP

    Moderator: Drew Faries, Director, Management Consulting, McGladrey LLP



Getting Work Done

Join us as we learn how a large law firm, Chapman and Cutler, got the job done.

How to Deliver a 2-3 Million Dollar Custom Content Management System On-time for $600,000

Most organizations have some sort of content management system to manage their digital content.  For law firms, it is called a Document Management System.  Chapman and Cutler has a DMS system which is past the end of it lifecycle, but estimates on the cost of building a new custom system were coming in at about 2.7 to 3 million dollars.   Chapman and Cutler ended up using an innovative mix of commercial products, cloud vendors, Open Source projects and custom code to deliver a highly functional new DMS at a fraction of the estimated cost.  This kind of development process, called a mashup, has become common at Internet startups, but is rare in mid-size businesses.  Hear about the design methodologies, project management, testing methodologies, and political process used to deliver this innovative system.

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    Todd Nugent, CIO, Chapman CutlerTodd Nugent, CIO, Chapman Cutler began his Information Technology Security career in 1988 investigating and reporting on the first internet-wide security incident, the Robert Morris Worm. Mr. Nugent has taught Computer Science to undergraduate and graduate students at the University of Chicago for 25 years, focusing on Systems, Networks and Security. Mr Nugent has served as a Computer Science Research Director, President of a Network and Security Consulting company and currently as CIO of a large law firm, where is is also the Chief Security Officer. Mr. Nugent has served on multiple Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF) groups and spoken on security at many conferences over the last 20 years.


Getting Work Done Keynote Panel

Join us as we discuss:

How to use converging & Emerging technologies to prioritize portfolios, empower team members and increase efficiency.

Topics include

  • Business & IT Alignment
  • Supplier Management & Partnering Successfully
  • PMO & Project Delivery Tools/Processes
  • Promoting Innovation – Tips
  • Project Governance

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    Kaunish Patel, Director of Application Development, Quikorder Kaunish Patel, Director of Application Development, Quikorder

    Information Services professional with over 18 years of extensive experience in high volume and high traffic E-commerce website.

    Shanthi Gudavalli, VP Corporate & Investment Banking, JP Morgan Chase
    Shanthi is a part of the Global Program management of strategic IT initiatives at JPMC. She has over 12 years of consulting and corporate leadership experience driving change successfully.

    Todd Nugent, CIO Chapman Cutler Todd Nugent, CIO, Chapman Cutler began his Information Technology Security career in 1988 investigating and reporting on the first internet-wide security incident, the Robert Morris Worm.
    Moderator: Dean Evans,Infrastructure Practice Leader, Technology Consulting. McGladrey
    He specializes in the planning, management and delivery of strategic initiatives.

Six Engagement Strategies to Effect Transformative Change

This interactive presentation will delve into the hidden factors that obstruct change in organizations and discuss techniques to identify and address them through individual and team engagement.

What we will learn:

  • Identifying motivational drivers for stakeholders
  • Converting "difficult" people to your cause
  • Techniques to create momentum
  • Some key coaching principles
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    M. Mohan Shukla, VP ITO Governance & Business Operations, IRIM. Mohan Shukla, VP ITO Governance & Business Operations, IRI

    Mohan M. Shukla, PMP is Vice President, ITO Governance for Information Resources Inc., which provides analytics and BI solutions to the world's leading CPG, retail and healthcare companies. He leads transformation and change initiatives for IT services serving global customers, partners and internal users. His approach to coping with fast-paced technology changes while implementing a global sourcing model integrating diverse business and financial interests is based on 360-degree engagement which includes all stakeholders. Previously he led change initiatives at 3Com and Navistar International in the areas of technology processes, quality and leadership. He is a certified Six Sigma Champion, ITIL and Leadership Coach. He also leads workshops and seminars in leadership techniques and engagement strategies. Mohan is also the author of the book Transformation through Yogic Consciousness.

Earning the "E" in "EPMO"

The one "e" can make the difference in successful portfolio and resource management. In this engaging session, Mike will outline how to raise up your PMO to that coveted seat at the table.

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    Michael VinjeMichael Vinje, Principal and Founding Owner, Trissential

Innovation PMO

Organizations continue to look at innovation as a key driver for supporting the organization's business objectives.For many organizations, innovation provides a strong competitive advantage. Those that excel at it are able to maintain their leadership positions or "leap frog" the competition. The program management office (PMO) needs to support the innovation life cycle starting with the identification of innovation opportunities through the commercialization of the new product or service. This webinar will discuss the PMO's role in supporting an organization's innovation agenda.

The discussion topics include: The Innovation Agenda Innovation Life Cycle Applying An Enterprise Governance Framework To Support The Innovation Life Cycle Innovation PMO Maturity Model Identifying & Delivering Innovation Projects - What's Different?

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    Chuck Coletta,President, Management Edge 360, Inc.

    Mr. Coletta has over 30 years experience in the Information Technology industry working primarily with large- to medium-size organizations in the healthcare and financial industries.  He was a Senior Partner at Computer Sciences Corporation (CSC) within the National Program Management Practice and a Technology SVP at Tribune Company.  Mr. Coletta is currently the President of Management Edge 360, Inc.  His company specializes in helping organizations improve their project investment selection and project delivery capabilities.  The company offers a full range of assessment, organizational strategy and design, program / project management, and people development services.  His white paper, “Transforming Your Organization’s Service Delivery Capabilities” can be found on the company’s website www.managementedge360.com



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