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  Wednesday, March 21, 2018 
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Emerging Technology

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Online Training Module

Keynote Panel: What is your strategy for 2016?

How do you know if you are making the right investments to best help your company navigate and thrive in an uncertain economy?

Our Keynote panel of IT Executives has have a frank discussion on their strategies for 2016 including

  • Their key projects and priorities for 2016
  • Their view of the Gartner List of Emerging Technologies and which ones are on their list to implement
  • How do they keep in touch with the business and know what their priorities should be for the coming year
  • Are there initiatives that they are using to drive the company forward.

  • Neil Goodrich, CIO, M. Holland Company


    Trae A. Howell, Executive Director, Trustmark



    Jim Krueger, Chief Information Officer, Hydrite Chemical


    Carl Deal Executive Partner, Gartner Executive Programs

    Todd kimble is an Executive Partner with Gartner Executive Programs



    Jim Vaselopulos, Vice President and Partner at PSC Group

    Moderator: Jim Vaselopulos, Vice President and Partner at PSC Group,

The Innovation of Enterprise: Accelerating the Adoption of Next Generation Technologies

For today's enterprise, innovation is crucial to building and sustaining competitive advantage. Customers and employees want sophisticated technologies to remove complexity from their lives and expose new capabilities they had never considered before. Customers are getting smarter, and large enterprises must be able to act smarter than its customers, or it will cease to exist. The answer to addressing these challenges and opportunities, is through enterprise innovation. But in many organizations that's easier said than done. Large organizations that have silo'd lines of business and supporting operational functions often cannot mobilize at the pace required to innovate. This presentation will highlight key opportunities for innovation and share strategies to accelerate the innovation process in the enterprise.

  • View webcast

    J SchwanJ Schwan, President & Founder of Solstice Mobile



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