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  Thursday, January 19, 2017 
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top 10 competencies of the modern cio
- Feb 3, 2017

Martha Heller, IT executive recruiter and author of The CIO Paradox and Be the Business: CIOs in the New Era of IT“Communication,” “business acumen,” and “relationship building” are all familiar entries on every “Top CIO Skills” list ever written. While these attributes continue to be important in our current climate of risk, innovation and IT opportunity, they are just a drop in the bucket. In an era where technology belongs to everyone, the CIO must have so much more. In this presentation, Martha Heller, an IT executive recruiter and author of The CIO Paradox and Be the Business: CIOs in the New Era of IT presents a list of new skills critical to any CIO working today.


Feb 3 Top 10 Competencies of the Modern CIO

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Jim Vaselopulos, Vice President and Partner at PSC GroupPresented by Jim Vaselopulos, Sr Vice President, PSC Group
Expectations for innovation to magically stem from new technologies is misguided and misunderstood.  Innovation is often mistaken for invention and the important aspect of monetization is often overlooked in the scope of innovation.


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