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  Tuesday, June 27, 2017 
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The Impact of Digital and Business: Am I in the Rear View Mirror?

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Presented by Carl Deal, Vice President, Team Lead with Gartner Executive Programs

One of our more popular recent presentations was given by Carl Deal, VP and Team Lead at Gartner. Carl discussed the impact of the Digital Transofrmation on the enterprise, gave us 10 Gartner Predictions and gave us advice.


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Creating a Culture of Innovation at Morningstar

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Presentation On Demand

Presented by Jim Tanner, Chief Innovation Officer, Morningstar

Jim Tanner will explain how he is working with his team at Morningstar to create a culture of innovation. He will discuss the impediments and common fixes or approaches to converting your organization to a more creative and innovative enterprise.

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Cyber Security & Risk Management for CIOs and Technology Leaders Summit

Jacob Springer, Global Privacy Officer, Abbott 
In this important summit, we'll explore the latest in cyber security, operational technology, disaster recovery strategies and risk management strategies for the digital enterprise. shift to the digital enterprise increases cyber security, operational and enterprise risk. Not just another CISO event, this Summit is geared towards CIOs and Senior Technology executives who want a strategic overview of both the risks and frameworks necessary.

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